Travel Treasures: Camden Lock

Now I have a horrible feeling that this title might sound slightly misleading, but give me a chance to explain myself and give a brief disclaimer.

For a long, long time I have had a love of travelling, and whether it be far or wide, it was definitely something I wanted to incorporate into this blog. There is just something about getting up, and just going somewhere; whether it be old or entirely new. I used to think my only forms of escapism were in books and video games, but as you get older you get more opportunity, I think, to really appreciate what it means to go away somewhere new.

Now, that being said, I would 100% love to pack my bags and fly myself off to Japan or America or another one of the millions of places I haven’t been to that I know I would love. But sadly, my bank account wouldn’t appreciate that right now, but a girl can dream. And to help motivate that dream further, I decided that this section, which I’ve decided to name Travel Treasures, will serve as my outlet for inspiring others to get up, stop watching Drag Race (how awful) and explore.

NOW the slight disclaimer- it feels like a complete cop out, but my first actual post to introduce this segment is actually covering a trip I had to London, and so only like half of the photos I have are actually taken in Camden. HOWEVER, I will be discussing Camden mainly, but just bear that in mind!

Right. Now, onto the good stuff.

There are many perks of having family members and friends that live in London. Main point being, you’ve got yourself an excuse to go and explore the capital, and maybe not feel too bad about spending money while you’re there. For some, London is an acquired taste, given just how busy, cramped and constant it is. To be honest, I used to be one of those people. Getting on and off the tube stressed me out way too much. Yet as I’ve gotten older, and visited more and more, I have found myself falling more and more in love. The idea of even living in London used to be one that I hated, but now I see it as more of a goal.

Until then, I will make do with enjoying the occasional visit there, and if you need some inspiration to visit, then this is it.

Camden #1

OUTFIT: Top and Shorts- New Look, Shoes- Adidas, Bag- Kurt Geiger.

This time around in London, the weather was a bit too warm, and since I had only packed black skinny jeans, I ended up looking for shorts, and instead left having bought an entirely new outfit from New Look. Which was wonderful for adding some pretty pastel colours to my wardrobe, but awful for my bank account.

A day spent in Camden is wonderful when there is hot weather. Especially in the market square; there is pubs and benches where sitting in the sun and drinking with family is amazing. Apart from when you burn, which is no surprise given that I am the shade of paper.

Camden #4

One of the other things I love most about Camden has to be the food. As an 100% certified foodie, Camden Market is the best place to be. There is a ridiculous amount of stalls with food from all over the place, with my personal favourites being the steamed buns, and also the chicken katsu. But there is literally something for everyone, and it is mostly good value for money. Plus it is very tempting once you’ve had a few drinks and have an awful case of the nibbles, perfectly exemplified by my Dad . Sadly, the weekend we were there last, we were too late to eat in Camden, but I did have an amazing salmon, spinach and white wine pasta in South Wimbledon. My mouth is watering thinking about it right now.

Camden #3

But if there is one thing that I love the most about Camden, is that it is just such a nice place to spend time with people. Friends, family. It’s one of those places that makes me wish I had a boyfriend, only for the fact that we could go together and take nice photos and have some food which is clearly life goals. I think for me and my family, since we always go for the weekend, it is a perfect place to go to forget about work, Uni work or anything like that.


My heart always warms up when I think about Camden and whilst I wish I had known I was going to write my post about this and in turn taken more photos, I hope that I got it across how important this place is to me.

Until next time,


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